Friday, April 20, 2007

Your Corset

I got out of my car and walked into the house, I noticed your car parked in the driveway. I started down the hall calling your name but there was no answer. I walked through the living room towards the bedroom.
“I want you to get on your knees” I heard a voice behind me say. I could tell it was you. I turned around and saw nothing but did as I was told.
Once I was on my knees I heard the clicking of your heels. You walked out from bathroom. The black leather knee high boots, the black stockings attached to the garters of your tight black leather corset. You looked amazing when you walked out into the dining room up to me and just pulled my head into your glistening cunt. You tasted exquisite. I could smell and taste my cum from this morning in your pussy. You pulled my head in deeper and commanded me to lick as you raised your boot onto the dining room chair to give me better access.
“I want you to clean the mess you made inside me this morning,” you demanded.
I furiously lapped at your dripping pussy. Cleaning my come from your folds. I couldn’t believe how much was still inside you. I hadn’t seen you in two weeks and deposited a huge load inside of you this morning. The taste was different having been inside you all day mixed with your daily routine. You had told me that I wasn’t allowed to even touch my cock while I was gone and I happily obliged and now I understood why. The musk of your pussy mixed with my cum gave me such a rush.
You took control of my head grabbing me by the hair pulling me in and out of wet slit, forcing my wanting tongue in and out of you. I was in ecstasy and you just let out a moan as I diligently licked your wet mound.
You said very few words and by the way you were dressed you didn’t need to say much. I knew who was in control tonight and I loved every minute of it. Your actions said everything, and my cock soon took notice.
I lapped at your pussy a little bit longer when you grabbed my head again giving a slight tug.
“Get up!” you said, pulling me to my feet. I didn’t hesitate at all.
Your hands quickly found my belt. You big beautiful green eyes staring directly into mine you quickly unfastened my belt buckle and it wasn’t long until my pants fell to the ground. You freed my cock from the cotton boxer briefs I was wearing. You pulled them down just enough for my cock to spring forth.
Your hands felt amazing as you slowly stroked my cock. You pulled my cock closer and I followed as you kissed my lips deeply, my face still soaked with your wetness. You then, without taking your hands from my cock, turned around and pushed your ass closer to my cock guiding it into your wet cunt with your hands. The heels that you were wearing lifted you to the perfect height as you slid my cock inside you, pushing back ever so gently. My cock slid in with no resistance your pussy devoured my cock enveloping in warmth. You let out a moan
We slowly started fucking, but our rhythm grew faster as our bodies got closer. The smell of the leather sent a wave through my body. My senses were overwhelmed. Feelings I had never felt before suddenly crashing through my head. You looked so sexy on top of this new persona you had put on. Never had I seen you in this light before and I loved it.
I put my hands to your neck and pulled your head closer to me. I breathed in your ear as my teeth teased your lobe. I bit a little bit the lobe a little harder. Your hand reached around and you slapped my ass. The sting from the slap sent electricity through my body, and I again knew that you were in charge tonight. I continued fucking you as you bent over the dining room table enabling me to delve even deeper into your pussy. I fucked you furiously. Your moans growing louder and louder I could tell that you were getting close to coming as well. Your cunt was dripping as my cock slid easily in and out of you.
I pulled my cock out of you.
“Don’t Stop!” you commanded.
I lifted you up onto the dinner table and got on top of you. With my cock quickly finding the warmth inside of you as I pushed in, You slapped my ass again and commanded me to fuck you. The electricity almost sent me over the edge. You grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper.
“I am going to cum and I want you to fill me up with your cum.” You said. I knew it was only moments away.
Your hand reached around and pushed near the opening of my ass as I pumped my cock inside you. That sent me over the edge. My cock erupted as you let out a really loud moan. I continued fucking you. Cum streaming from my cock deep inside your dripping wet cunt filling you with my warmth.
In our fucking frenzy we became disconnected and my cum sprayed your stockings and your corset. My cum glistening on the leather and silk. I had never cum this much in my life I collapsed beside you.
“You made a mess of my corset and stockings.” You said with as sneer as you touched the cum glistening on the leather, bringing a finger to your mouth.
“I think you better clean it up before it leaves a stain.” You said leading my head to the spot. I lapped it up as well as what was on the silk stockings and came up to kiss you. We shared a nice big passionate kiss, but you weren’t done yet.
You climbed on top of me, pinning me down and hovered your pussy inches from my face, pushed the fresh cum out of your glistening pussy letting it drip into my mouth and on my face. I licked you in delight.
My face was soaked with your wetness and you lowered yourself down and kissed my lips before collapsing on top of me
“Welcome back, my love” you whispered in my ears
It was good to be back home.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Out Of Town

It had been a long day of work and I was out of town once again. It had seemed that I had been away forever. I arrived at the hotel, got to my room and immediately went to the refrigerator to make myself a cocktail. I had been out of town a lot recently and hadn't had much time with Vivian. I saw her last night for the first time in two weeks but had to go back out on the road this morning. After pouring myself a drink, I went back and opened up my bag to get ready for bed. Right on top of all my clothes was the sexy pair of black panties Vivian had worn the night before.
Vivian always had a mischievous side to her and this wasn't the first time that she had done something like this for me. I picked them up and brought them to my nose hoping that I would be able to smell her sweetness; they were still wet from the night before. The smell from her panties brought me back.
Vivian had come over last night; we shared a few glasses of wine and a simple dinner that I had made. It wasn’t long until our clothes came off. We made love for hours. I missed her…a lot. We hadn't seen each other much lately with our busy schedules. My cock was so hard just from the smell of her. As I pressed her panties to my face again and inhaled her sweet smell there was a knock on the door.
"Room Service," the voice on the other side said.
Startled, I quickly set down the panties and went to the door. I hadn't
ordered anything so I was a bit confused. I opened up the door slightly and peeked out.
"I didn't order anything," I said.
"We received an order for this room to be delivered upon your arrival. The order came in from someone named Vivian," the bellboy said as he wheeled the cart into my room and left as abruptly as he had entered. There was a note attached to the platter:
"Thanks again so much for dinner last night; it was great. I wish that I could cook for you tonight but, as you know, you are far away. Enjoy.
Love Viv
PS You were amazing last night. Check your bag--I left you a little
something to remember me by… I wish I could be with you, I didn’t get enough last night!." I smiled, remembering her wet panties.
I took the cover off the platter and found a big tuna steak on a bed of greens. Fresh strawberries accompanied by a chocolate fondue served as my dessert. It isn't often that you find someone as great as Vivian. She was amazing.
After eating dinner and a few of the strawberries, I showered quickly and slipped the white terry robe that hung in the bathroom over my wet body. I sat on my bed and picked up her panties again. My cock grew hard in an instant. As I began
stroking my hard cock with the silky panties, my phone rang.
"Hello," I answered.
"Hey sweetheart, did you get my present?" Vivian asked.
"Hmmm," I smiled. "Which one?"
"Mmmm, both of them." She sighed
"Yes, I got both of them. Baby I am so lucky to have a girl like you. I just wish that you could be here. They brought up so much food tonight and I hate to waste it." A moan escaped my lungs," Ahhh, baby! I have been really hard ever since I opened my bag and your smell filled the air. You were incredible last night. When did you slip these in my bag?"
"What are you doing? Did I catch you at a bad time?" Vivian teased.
"No! You caught me at the perfect time. I am just sitting here rubbing my cock with your silky panties; my cock is so hard right now. Your panties smell so good," I said raising the panties to my face again and inhaling. "I just wish that it could be your pussy pushed over my nose and mouth instead of these panties."
"So you like your little present, baby?" She asked.
"Yes, it's amazing. I wish that you were here right now to see me stroking my hard cock with your panties."
At this time there was another knock on the door. I jumped, startled. "Vivian, someone's at the door. Did you order anything more for me?" I asked. "Maybe," she replied mysteriously, "Have you opened the door?" "No, not yet," I replied. " I have to put away my cock first baby," I smiled as I tucked myself away and walked toward the door.
I opened the door full of curiosity and excitement, not knowing what I'd find but knowing Vivian had something to do with it. I looked out
and found no one, I looked right and left down the hall and no
one was in site. On the doorstep was a chilled bottle of Cava. As I knelt down and picked up the bottle, someone stepped into the hall. I looked and saw her long legs coming toward me. My breathing and my desire deepened. I continued to kneel as I watched her walk toward me, the click of her high heels the only sound above my breathing. Vivian
stopped and stood over me, I ran my hands up her legs and smiled up at her. "Hello, darling," she greeted. Her jacket fell just above her
knees and was cinched tightly around her small waist. I wanted to rip
open her jacket right then when she asked,
"Are you going to invite me in?" I stood up with the Cava in one hand and pulled her into the room after me with the other. As she closed the door, I pulled her close and wrapped her in my arms. She pressed her body close to mine as our lips met and we kissed. Our tongues and lips danced together; my cock rose to meet her. "Mmmmm," she sighed holding my head in her hands and moving her tongue and lips down my neck. "Would you like a drink my lover?" I asked as she nibbled my ear.
"Yes," she replied, releasing my head and stepping back. I went to the bar and retrieved two glasses as Vivian uncorked the bottle. "Jack, I hope I'm not intruding. My job tomorrow was canceled so I decided to surprise you," Vivian said tentatively as she filled the glasses.
"You could never be an intrusion my love," I assured her. "I can't tell you how much I wanted to be with you tonight."
"Cin cin!" Vivian toasted as we raised our glasses.
We savored the taste of our Cava as we savored the sight of each other. Vivian sat across from me on the bed, her long and beautiful legs stretched out before me as we drank. I slipped off one of her heels and threw it to the floor. She brought her pointed foot to my face, her silky stockings felt cool and soft on my face. I cradled her foot in my hand and began to kiss her. I started with her toes and moved my lips along the sole of her foot, she began to wriggle a bit as I increased the pressure of my lips. I could here her breathing as it grew heavier. I lay her kissed foot in my lap and removed her other shoe. As I brought her second foot to my mouth, Vivian leaned her body back and began stroking my hard cock with her other foot. I crawled off the bed and knelt on the floor pulling Vivian toward me a bit so that her feet rested on my shoulders. As I nibbled and licked her ankles and feet a bit more, she unfastened her jacket. First she released the belt then, as she held my gaze, she began to unbutton starting at her neck and moving down. She let her knees fall one to each side, her thighs now two paths leading to her secret garden. I gazed with delight wanting to dive but she pressed me back with her feet still on my shoulders. As she opened her coat, she revealed her black lace corset.
"Ahhh," moaned, enjoying my view.
Vivian's corset held up her silky stockings and spilled her breasts over the top. Vivian wore no panties tonight and though she continued to press me away with her feet, I crawled between her legs and began licking the soft flesh of her inner thighs.
"Ahhh, MMmmm," Vivian moaned lightly as she shimmied the rest of the way out of her jacket. She lifted her hips slightly wanting me to lick her cunt but I resisted and continued to lick, kiss, and nibble all around only breathing heavily on her cunt. "Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh," she breathed, rotating her hips. "Baby," she pleaded grabbing two handfuls of my hair in her hands and pressing my face down. I greeted
her pussy lips with my tongue and gave her what she wanted.
Her Cunt was dripping wet and she wrapped her stocking clad legs around my head and pulled my face deeper into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned loudly as I lapped up her abundantly sweet juices. She had just recently shaved and her lips were smooth and soft; she tasted exquisite. She reached her hands down and stroked my hair suddenly grasping and pulling me closer and closer to her, using her feet to help pull me in. My face was covered with her juices.
"Oh my god baby! You lick me so well. Your tongue feels so great licking my wet folds." My only response was to keep licking her so she squirmed with excitement.
"Baby, I need that hot hard cock inside of me now," she said as she released her grasp on my head.
I climbed up her body licking and kissing as I went. I stopped at her breasts and slowly took one breast into my mouth. This didn't last long as she pulled me up to her lips and kissed me. She reached between us and spread open my robe, slipping it off my shoulders. I lifted my body slightly and threw the robe aside before kissing her again.
"I cannot believe how wet your face is baby…ohhhh!" she exclaimed as my cock slowly entered her. Her stockinged legs felt great as they wrapped around my legs and my cock filled her completely. Slowly we began rhythmically thrusting our bodies. I filled her sopping wet pussy with every inch of my hard and throbbing cock; it wasn't long until she was screaming with pleasure.
"Oh god Jack, fill me up with that long hard cock of yours. You are so deep
inside me. I want you to fill me up with you cum." She screamed.
"You really know how to turn me on Viv. You look so fucking hot!" I whispered in her ear before gently grabbing her lobe with my teeth and pulling her closer to me.
Moving my hands down her back, I grabbed her ass and she let out a moan as she spread her legs further apart. I could feel my cock diving even
deeper into her wetness.
"Oh my god baby I am so wet right now. Your cock feels so good and so deep."
At this moment, I slowly pulled my cock out and pressed the tip to her clit, gently thrusting.
"Where are you going baby?" Vivian sighed as I moved my head down between
her legs. I love tasting Vivian after my cock has been inside her pussy. She tastes different and I just can't get enough. Soon she grabbed my hands and rolled over on top of me pinning me down and pushing her pussy onto my face.
As I continued licking her I felt her moving around a little bit more that usual. When she finally lifted her pussy off my mouth she grabbed my hands a moved them above my head. She took my wrists and tied them to the bedpost with her stockings
"Vivian!" I exclaimed slightly surprised by what was happening. I had never seen her like this. She was taking control of me; I was so excited by this newfound side of her that I wanted to fill her with my cum immediately.
"Sit on my cock baby, I need to be inside you, my cock is ready to burst!" I pleaded.
Vivian looked down at me, her pussy hovering above my face but just out of my tongue's reach. She smirked slightly and shook her head no,
"Not yet baby. You will have to wait."
She tightened the stockings around my wrists making sure I was held firmly before she moved down a bit so that she straddled my chest. She began gently stroking her clit; she rocked her hips all around with her fingers pressed to her clit and pussy lips, pleasuring herself as I craned my neck to watch. I desperately wanted to lick her cunt and fill her full of my cock at the same time, "Baby, you are fucking hot! I want to fill you full of my cum," I told her as she continued gyrating over me. My words encouraged her and she looked down at me as she pressed a finger deep into her wet pussy and pressed down onto my chest. I could feel her wetness on my chest and I lift up into her. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh," Vivian breathed as she held my gaze. I could see that she was going to come soon.
"Come for me baby. Let me feel you come. I want to lap your sweet juice," I encouraged her. She continued moaning and then she finished,
"Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh! Mmmm, Ahmmmm." She lifted her body and turned around, she was now kneeling next to me, her ass near my face. She bent forward and took my cock into her mouth and pressed one hand between my thighs. As she licked, sucked, and kissed my cock from the tip to the shaft, I pleaded again with her,
"Let me lick you Vivian. I can smell your sweet perfume and I want a taste." Vivian continued to mouth my cock as she moved her pussy over my face. My wrists were still held fast with her stockings so I could not pull her down closer and she was taking her time. When she finally lowered herself close enough, I licked and sucked her sweet juice. Vivian brought me to the edge once more and just as I felt that I could release she lifted her ass and released my cock. I could only moan. She turned quickly and lowered her whole body onto mine. Our lips met as she let my cock into her open and ready pussy.
"Jack, come with me. Come with me baby," she moaned.
I could feel her hot cunt pulsing as she pulled me deeper and we thrust our pelvises in synch.
"I'm close baby," I moaned. "Keep fucking me Vivian. Oh! I love how you ride my cock."
"I'm coming Jack! I'm coming!" she screamed as I exploded inside her.
We lay together, only able to breath for several minutes. My
attentive soldier slipped slowly out of Vivian, at ease once again.
Vivian reached down and put her hand between her legs, feeling our
sex. "Mmmm," she sighed bringing her hand to her mouth and tasting.
"Are you going to untie me love?" I asked as she rested her head on my
chest. "Mmmm," she responded reaching down between her legs for more.
This time she brought her hand to my face. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I opened my mouth welcoming her. She tasted and smelled quite different with my cum inside her. I had never tasted my cum before let alone our sex.
"You like that baby?" she asked. All I could do was moan "You want more?" she asked lifting her body again. Before I could answer Vivian moved to straddle my head. She slowly lowered her dripping pussy down onto my face once again. I turned my
head and bit at her inner thigh not sure if I was ready to dive into her well-sexed pussy. She continued to press down and I turned my head
to the other side and bit at her other thigh. Her moaning grew again
and filled me with desire. Before I realized what I was doing, my
tongue lapped over her pussy lips and her clit. Her moans continued
and I lapped and sucked at her pussy wanting to taste us together now
more than ever. It wasn’t long until my cock sprang to attention again . . .

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Morning licks

Jack pulled me out of sleep this morning. He lightly nibbled my ear and
pressed his warm and resting body into mine. I could feel his chest on my back
as he wrapped his arms around me and I drifted back into sleep. "Good morning
baby, it is time for you to get up" Jack whispered into my ear as he gently
caressed my legs and ass under the heavy covers. "Hmmm," I managed, still
mostly asleep. Jack continued to caress my body with his fingertips. As my
consciousness returned, I began to moan slightly, encouraging his efforts. I
could feel his cock pressing into the flesh of my ass and I began to rock my
hips. Jack led his cock between my thighs and we continued to rock together.
"Good morning love," I said leaning my head back so that our cheeks touched.
"You have to get up, Vivien," Jack instructed. "No," I protested, "I want to
sleep." Jack, now kneeling beside my head, lifted the covers off of my warm
body and pulled me onto my back. He bent and took one of my breasts into his
mouth while he held my head. As he sucked and nibbled at my breasts, he moved
his hands over my body gently caressing and awakening each place that he
touched. Jack gradually kissed and licked his way down my body and began
licking my clit. I closed my eyes and rocked my pelvis as he lapped and sucked
my wet pussy. I felt my whole body opening and waking as he continued, it pulsed with the rhythm of my cunt. I wrapped one arm around Jack's
hips and grabbed his ass and kept the other hand pressed to my thigh. Jack's
body tensed with pleasure as he continued to lap my sweet juice. I don't know
where his energy comes from in the morning. We were up really late making love
the night before; he always seems to have no problems waking in the morning.
"Baby, you really need to get up, you are going to be late for work." He said as
I pressed my wet mound back to his face.
"Just a few more minutes love . . . you feel too good to leave." I said rocking my
hips in rhythm to his tongue. After a few more minutes I pulled his head up
and kissed his lips. His face was wet with my juices; he tasted exquisite. I
sat up and got out of bed. Gently, I took hold of his hard cock and pulled him
into the bathroom. I released his cock and turned away from him. I bent to turn on the shower and Jack pressed his hard, warm cock between my legs. "I should make your breakfast baby," Jack said as he pulled away. I turned toward him and exclaimed, "Now don't tease me baby! You can't leave me now." Jack felt my desire and lifted me up into his arms and then lowered me gently onto his throbbing cock. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and gripped him tightly with my cunt as he pressed me up and down with the thrusting of his pelvis. "Ohah! Ohah! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh fuck!" I breathed as I began to come. Jack continued to thrust until my body collapsed in his arms. I lay my head on his shoulder and exhaled, "Ahhhhh. Good morning lover." "Good morning," he replied as he lifted me off his cock and lowered me to the floor. "Your shower's ready," he said pulling back the curtain. Jack followed me into the steaming water. I lifted my face toward the falling water and welcomed the heat. I reached for the soap and turned toward Jack. I let him wash me first then I lathered my hands well and pressed them onto Jack's chest. I worked the suds over his body moving slowly down. I knelt on my knees and washed his feet, the hot water flowing over my head and face. I lifted my face as I moved my hands up his legs and kissed his still hard cock. I took him completely into my mouth and then slid back off keeping only the tip in my mouth, kissing and sucking as he moaned. I moved my soapy hands to the base of his cock and pressed down toward his sack. As I lifted my face away, I began stroking his cock with my hands. "I want you're cum on my chest," I demanded. "Ahh! Keep going baby and you can have it," Jack moaned. I continued to stoke his hard long cock with my soapy hands and Jack thrust his pelvis harder and harder. "Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Ohh baby! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!" Jack moaned as he came, spilling onto my breasts. "Baby," Jack smiled down as he finished. He reached down and pulled me onto my feet and my lips met his. I pressed one hand to my chest spreading his come over my body and onto his. Jack reached around and turned off the water and I pulled the shower curtain back. Jack handed me a towel, "Let's get going or we'll be late."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wait for Dessert

Today had been a very long day. I couldn't wait to get home. Tonight,
Vivian was going to cook for me. She is an amazing cook. She could take
anything that you put in front of her and turn it into a delicacy.
I unlocked the door to my apartment. As I opened the door, the
mouth-watering aroma filled my senses. I stepped into the kitchen and there she
was wearing nothing but an apron and high heels. Vivian turned to me and smiled. I could see her breasts pressing into the apron as she walked toward me.
"Welcome home sweetheart. Are you hungry?" she asked, kissing my neck.
"MMmmm," I moaned. "You look delicious. I am so hungry; I'm hungry
for you," I replied, wrapping her waist in my arms and pulling her close.
As our tongues danced, I moved my hands down and caressed her soft,
round ass. A moan escaped from her mouth as she pressed up against me, slowly unbuttoning the first two buttons of my shirt. I could feel the bulge in my pants growing.
"You are going to love dessert then," she said biting my ear.
Vivian loved to tease. She was full of surprises. She quickly moved my hands off of her and turned around and walked back to the stove. I followed behind her putting my arms around her waist and pulling her closer to me, pressing my cock against her ass.
"Baby, I have to finish cooking, no more until after dinner," she said as
she slipped out of my arms and bent to adjust the oven. Once more I followed. I
knelt down onto the kitchen floor and kissed the soft, white flesh of her ass.
"Jack!" Vivian exclaimed, "I'll never finish."
"Just try baby," I begged. "I promise to be slow and gentle while you finish. You know I can't resist. You can't expect me to show up seeing you like this and not try to touch, not even the slightest feel. Just a nibble?" I pleaded. Vivian turned to me; only her apron separated my face from her pussy. I was so close I could smell her sweet perfume. She reached down and led me up to my feet. With her face in my chest, she brought her hands up between our bodies and pressed me away. "Sit down Jack. Have patience," she replied as she turned her back to me. Vivian loved anticipation and she refused to let me stop her fun. I enjoyed the torture. I gave up my pursuit and sat watching her from the kitchen table. She brought over a chilled bottle of white wine and handed me the corkscrew. I opened the bottle and filled our glasses.
Her body glistened as she cooked. " I wasn't expecting you home so early tonight baby," she said facing the stove.
I kept finding my eyes traveling from her well-manicured toes in those strappy
5-inch “fuck me” heels that she was wearing all the way up to her tight round ass.
Whenever Vivian was naked in front of me I had a hard time not staring.
"How was your day?" she asked. This broke my concentration.
"Long baby… too long . . . God! You are killing me! How can you expect me to stay seated when you are over there naked teasing me like this? This is torture. "
"You will survive baby, I have never heard of someone dying due to a
little self restraint." She said with a mischievous grin on her face as she turn walking seductively towards me with a plate in her hand. She walked closer and bent down to put the plate in front of me. Her breasts were now visible as she leaned in towards me brushing them close to my face. I moved in to try to kiss them and she pulled away kissing me on the head. My hands did manage to reach around and grab the soft flesh of her ass.
"Just be patient. I promise you that it will be worth the wait.
Tonight I want to take it nice and slow," she said walking back to get her plate.
Vivian took a seat across the table. She knew exactly what I wanted and knew how to make me beg. As I took the first bite I felt her foot travel up my leg to my crotch. She was stroking my cock through my pants with her foot.
Combined with how the food tasted I have never felt so much electricity.
I picked up my glass of wine and held it towards Vivian; she joined me in a simple salute. "Cheers," we said together. Vivian smiled as she sipped her wine and keeping my gaze she started to slowly move her foot from my crotch to the floor. I replaced my glass on the table and reached under grabbing Vivian's calf. I gently pulled her leg back toward me and removed her shoe.
As I caressed her leg with one hand and led her foot back to my cock with the other hand, Vivian filled her fork and brought it to my lips. I closed my mouth around the fork and inhaled deeply as the rich flavors intensified.
"Mmmm. You are absolutely amazing, Vivian," I complemented as she filled her own mouth.
My cock grew hard as she continued to stroke my shaft with her toes.
"Baby your cock is so hard!" she said, stroking it a little bit harder.
"I want to be inside of you so badly right now," I whispered.
"Patience my love. We still have two more courses, " She said taking the last
bite off her fork and pulling her foot away from my cock. Putting her shoe back on, she rose to her feet. I reached out, trying to make her to stay but to no avail.
"Don't move baby," she instructed as she walked over to the refrigerator bending over and I could see her pussy lips slightly parting, her lips glistening begging for my tongue. The suspense was killing me; I was burning to hold her and feel her. She put the plates into the sink and turned to look at me. Holding my gaze, she walked slowly to me and stopped just in front of me then moved even closer to straddle my lap. Vivian slowly lifted the apron over her head and let it fall around her hips. Waves of excitement rushed through me as she pushed her breasts into my face, the apron hanging loosely on her hips. She hadn't let me touch her much tonight so I was curious to see how far she would let me go now. With my hand on one breast, I brought my lips to her other one slowly taking it into my mouth. Gently, I started to suck. Moans escaped her mouth and I brought one knee up to meet her pussy. I could feel her warmth on my leg as she started pressing down a little harder. I now realized that she was struggling to resist me just as I was struggling to resist her. Suddenly she got up and moved away. I tried my best to pull her back down to me but she moved too quickly. She was going to continue her tease. "Follow me," she demanded holding one hand out toward me. I reached up and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room. She sat me down on the couch and stood over me with her left hand pressed to my chest so I was kept at arm's distance. Her right hand disappeared behind her apron as she lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the arm of the couch. My hand immediately went to touch her beautiful legs. When she brought her hand out from behind the apron, she pressed her fingers to my mouth.
Her fingers were wet and I could taste her sweetness in my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening to me; I could hardly contain myself.
Vivian was in complete control and I loved it. She brought her fingers out of my mouth and held them at my lips as if to tell me "Shhhh” and said, "I'll be right back." She walked back into the kitchen.
I savored her taste in my mouth and I could smell her in the air. She arrived with another bottle of wine, this time a red, and placed the bottle in my hands along with the opener. She left again as I opened the wine and filled two fresh glasses.
When she came out next, she had a couple of plates. She sat down on the couch next to me and took a sip of her wine. She picked up a piece of sushi and fed it to me. After feeding a few pieces to each other, I reached behind her and untied the apron that still hung on her hips. She took the apron from me and began to fold it. "Close your eyes," Vivian instructed as she smiled up at me. I did as she said. I felt her tying a silky scarf around my head so it covered my eyes. "No peaking. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue," she directed. I obeyed. I felt the soft skin of her breast come up to my mouth and she brushed her nipple across my tongue. I tried to close my mouth around her nipple but she kept moving and my tongue soon discovered that she held a piece of sushi between her tits. It was incredibly erotic eating this raw food off of her luscious body. I had never done this before. My cock sprang to attention again and she took notice. She placed her hand on my pants and started working with the button. Easing down my zipper, my stiff cock sprang forth and she wasted no time at all. She stroked the entire shaft and I let out a moan from sheer relief. She continued directing my tongue over her body letting me eat this food off of all of her beautiful curves. Vivian's moans let me know how much she enjoyed feeding me this way, making me work for my food. Not being able to see added to the mystery. I too fed her but she would not allow me to place anything on my body. She would only eat from my hands. This went on for a while and she continued fondling, stroking, and even sucking my cock between bites. I was about to explode. Right before I was about to come, she stopped, stood up and reached her hand out one more time and led me to my feet. She pulled me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed.
"Are you ready for dessert?" She asked as she removed my blindfold and smiled down at me.
"Yes I am!" I said taking my cock in my hand and giving a few strokes.
"You aren't allowed to touch yourself baby," she said. "I am the only one that can touch you tonight. And you are going to have to wait until after dessert."
This was almost too much, but I agreed to play by her rules. She got up, walked over to the stereo, turned on some music and walked back into the kitchen.
The sound of music filled the room and the minutes seemed like hours.
"She came back into the bedroom with a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of warm chocolate. "We are going to play a little game," she said. "I am going to dip a strawberry into this chocolate and then rub the chocolate across me.
Your job is to trace every chocolate mark with your tongue." She climbed into the bed and placed the bowls next to her. All I could do was moan. She started by licking the strawberry and then plunging it into the melted chocolate. She ran the chocolate in delicate lines from her lips down her neck. My lips and tongue were not far behind. She then brought it down to her nipples and stopped and placed the strawberry on her left tit. I savored the moment, I had been waiting to give her body such full attention. I devoured the strawberry as she grabbed for the next one. She traced along across her chest until she reached her right nipple and stopped again. Again I followed and devoured the strawberry only this time I took a little more time, enjoying the chocolate and the way that her nipple became erect in my mouth. I love sucking on her tits and I had been waiting all day to do this in a more complete way than she was allowing. She continued on, reminding me that we had a game to finish. She pushed my head away and picked up the next strawberry and traced from her right nipple down to her navel and stopped. I kissed and licked her belly for only a second when she presented me with the next strawberry. She held it just in front of my lips, then slowly brought it from her navel down past her pussy hair and placed the strawberry right between her wet pussy lips. I looked up at her and she smiled.
My tongue followed the faint trail of chocolate down from her navel and across her lower belly, I kissed and licked my way toward her clit. "How do you like your dessert baby?" she asked as she ran her fingers through my hair pulling me into her wanton mound. My lips met her clit and I lapped, flicking my tongue up and down then back and forth. I could hear Vivian's moans growing louder. I slowly continued to lick then I closed my lips around the strawberry. I finished my dessert but wanted more so I thrust my tongue into her wet cunt. Vivian let me continue and encouraged me by pulling my face deeper into her pussy. "Enjoy your dessert baby!" Vivian moaned, rocking her pelvis as I continued fucking her with my tongue. She tasted incredibly sweet, her smell was incredible tonight and I loved it. I felt her pelvis rocking faster and I knew she would come soon. "Oohhh. Mmmmm. Fuck, baby. Fuck." she moaned as she came. I sucked up her sweet juice before moving up to lay next to her. "You make a great dessert Vivian," I said as I kissed her full, pink lips. "Mmmm," she responded.
"I'm glad you liked it. I told you it would be worth the wait. Now can I have mine?" she said as she moved down and kissed the tip of my cock.
Vivian continued to lick and kiss encouraging my shaft to grow longer and longer. She began to suck on the tip. I lay back my head and moaned with enjoyment. I could still taste her sweetness on my tongue as I felt her pull my whole cock into her mouth. "Your cock tastes good, baby," Vivian said lifting her head and looking up at me. I love watching her and holding her head while she sucked me
"My cock needs to be deep inside of you baby," I whispered pulling Vivian up and over me. She lowered her sticky body down onto mine and my cock slowly entered her hot, wet pussy as her lips met mine. It felt so good to finally have what I had been craving all night.
Vivian was insatiable. Her pussy felt so good devouring my cock. She was so wet, I could feel her wetness dripping between my legs. I could tell that she was excited to have me inside of her. She just looked down at me and smiled.
“Baby, your cock feels so good. It is so deep inside of me right now.”
I knew that it wouldn’t take long tonight. She had had me at the edge since I had walked in the door.
“You have to let me know when you are coming, baby.” She said as she moved her hips back and forth on my cock. “I want to come with you tonight. I want my dessert inside me tonight.”
Hearing this sent me over the edge and I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. She continued to fuck me. She wasn’t going to stop until I exploded. She was milking my cock with her pussy. She felt so good. I couldn’t resist her any longer.
“Oh baby, I think I am going to come.” I shouted
“Baby come for me, I want to see your come.” She said as she unmounted me and quickly brought her lips down onto my cock and started sucking me.
My cock erupted in her mouth. She kept sucking, wanting to get every last drop of my come in her mouth. After I was finished, she looked up to me with her beautiful green eyes and smiled.
“Mmmmmm!” she said “You make a pretty good dessert your self sweetheart.” As our lips met again.
“I told you it would be worth the wait”

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Years Eve

What are you doing tonight?" Vivian asked, " I know you have to work early
tomorrow morning but it is New Years Eve and I would love to have an early toast with you if you have time." Jack responded, "I would love to, but it will depend on what time I finish work tonight. It doesn't look like I'll be able to, but I will give
you a call if anything changes." Vivian and Jack had known each other for almost a year now…
"Thanks for the champagne," Vivian smiled as she gathered the almost empty
bottle and the glasses. She glanced at the clock, their New Year's Eve
celebration was ending but it was only 10 o'clock. Vivian stood at the sink
rinsing the glasses, she felt the heat of Jack's breath on her neck, she
hadn't realized he had followed. She felt her chest expand as her nipples
tingled, she turned and smiled up at him. "Happy New Year," he said softly,
wrapping her waist in his arms. "Happy New Year," she replied, pulling him
closer. Vivian began to pull away but Jack held her to him gently, moving
one hand up behind her head and lifting her face toward his. She followed and
her lips met his, she reached up and pressed her palms to his head and
grabbed two handfuls of thick blond hair as they continued to kiss. Vivian
could feel Jack's cock growing as it pressed into her belly. She felt his
strong hands moving up her thighs, she kissed his neck and moaned for more.
His right hand slipped under her shirt and she bit his neck as he grabbed her
left breast firmly

Vivian was using one hand to loosen Jack's belt, her other hand was pulling
out the shirttails of his crisp white shirt. She desperately wanted to free the
stiffening bulge in his pants. Before she could finish, Jack lifted her
onto the kitchen counter and quickly removed her shirt.
With her perfect breasts now exposed, she leaned back slightly and wrapped her
long legs around Jack's hips, pulling him closer. "Take off your shirt," she
demanded as she struggled with one button and then another. Jack obeyed. He
grabbed her hands as they fumbled with a third button and together they ripped
open his shirt. As the buttons fell to the ground, their hands were all over
each other's raw flesh grabbing, kissing and sucking the newly exposed skin.
"I know you have to work early but I couldn't stand thinking that you would be
all alone and asleep as the clock strikes midnight." Vivian whispered into
his ear.
Jack paused for a second and said, "I can think of no better way to ring in the
New Year." He picked up the champagne bottle, took a sip, and immediately
kissed Vivian.
The bubbles tingled as they moved from his mouth to hers and she grew more
excited. He took another sip and slowly moved down to her breasts. He caressed
her breast a little with his hand but soon started kissing and nibbling with
the cool bubbly liquid still in his mouth.
Vivian moaned and spread her legs a little bit further apart as he continued
sucking on her tits. She could feel his hard cock pressing up against her
her leg.
"Bite them a little harder" she instructed as Jack sucked and nibbled his way
around her tits. "Mmmm, that feels so good."
Vivian moaned in pleasure and her hands went back to work on the belt. She now
knew exactly what she wanted and needed. In no time, she had his cock in her
"AAhhhh, someone is really excited. It is so big and warm, I can't wait," she
cried as she stroked his cock, "I really need you right now." Jack's hand
slowly moved up her thigh and under her skirt as he continued to suck her
nipples. He ran his hands along her tights and grabbed the waistband. Vivian
closed her legs around Jack's hips again and used her hands to lift herself off
the counter just long enough for Jack to pull down her tights.
"Oh my god, you are so wet" Jack whispered as he ran his hands up her inner
thighs and met her wet lips in the middle.
"I need your hard cock inside of me," Vivian begged. Jack looked up; they gazed
deeply into each other's eyes. Jack pulled Vivian to the counter's edge and helped her slide down his hard throbbing cock as her legs remained wrapped around him, slowly he entered her hot wet pussy.
Her pussy devoured his cock and when it reappeared it was glistening with her
wetness. "Your hard cock feels so good in my wet pussy." Vivian moaned as Jack slid his cock inside a little bit faster.
"There is no hurry Jack, I want you inside me all night long. Nice and slow so I
can feel every inch of you."
All Jack could do was moan. He couldn't remember the last time when sex had
felt as good as it did in this moment. It was magical. Jack put his arms
around her waist and picked her up off of the counter. Vivian's legs wrapped
around him and she slid down his cock agaom. Jack tightened his grip as he carried her into the bedroom, his cock still inside of her.
When he reached the bed, Jack threw Vivian onto her back and lifted her skirt up
around her waist. He knelt down and starting at her ankle, he followed the
line of her inner leg with his tongue. Slowly moving up one leg, teasing her
pussy lips briefly, then moving back down the other leg, his face covered in
her wetness. Vivian bent her knees and dropped them out to her sides; she
reached down and pressed her fingers to her clit. "Come back Jack, I need
more," she moaned. Jack crawled onto the bed, pressing his left hand to her
right thigh and moving it back into her chest as he bit and licked the inner
thigh of her other leg. Jack rolled to his back pulling Vivian upright.
Vivian now knelt over Jack, she dropped down and pressed her wet cunt to his
belly and thrust her breasts into his face. He grabbed her ass firmly as he
nibbled first one breast and then the other. Vivian lifted her bottom and Jack
led her forward slowly until her cunt hovered above his face. He held her
waist firmly and pulled her down onto him so his lips met her pussy. "Oh,
Fuck!" Vivian called to him as he began to lick her clit. He moved his tongue
all around, flicking and lapping. Vivian continued to moan and rocked her
pelvis, guiding his tongue with her movements. Jack kept licking, moving away
from her clit and thrust his tongue into her wet cunt. As her fucked her with
his tongue, Vivian reached down and closed her hands in his hair, pulling him
even closer. Jack just moaned he was enjoying this more than ever now.
"You taste so good Vivian; your pussy tastes so good." But Vivian wasn't about
to give him a chance to say anything more. She pressed down onto his face a little
Her thighs and pelvis now trembled with pleasure and she continued rocking her
pelvis. Jack returned his tongue to her clit and pressed a finger deep inside
her sopping wet cunt. Her breathing now more a pant as she let out little
moans, the trembling in her pelvis and thighs spread over her whole body as
Jack continued pressing his tongue to her clit and fucking her cunt with his
finger. Vivian rocked her pelvis faster and squeezed Jack's finger with her
cunt; she threw back her head and arched her back. "Ahhhoohh, aaahhh ohhh!"
Vivian came, wetting Jack's face and hand even more with her juices. Her
breathing slowed, she pulled her skirt up over her head and threw it onto the
floor. She moved down to rest her body; she lay on Jack and kissed his wet
face. "Is your cock hard?" Vivian asked moving her hand down and closing it
around his cock. "Yeah, baby. It's so hard. It's hard for you," Jack
responded as Vivian began stroking his cock. "Mmmm you are really hard. Is it
really just for me?" She said smiling down at him. "Mmmm hmm" Jack grunted.
Vivian crawled down, took his cock and started to run her tongue over the tip.
Jack was very excited, his cock dripping with precum. Their eyes met right as
she took his whole cock in her mouth. It was like she was putting on a show
just for him, her big beautiful green eyes looking up at him.
"Oohhh," he moaned, leaning his head back. After sucking and licking Jack's
throbbing hard cock for a few moments, she sat up. "Do
you want to fuck me Jack?" she asked. "Yeah," Jack moaned. "Fuck me Jack!
Fuck me with your big, hard cock," Vivian demanded.
Jack pulled her up so they were face to face, he held her gaze as he lifted his
head to kiss those beautiful full lips. As their lips met his cock slid into
her already open pussy lips.
"I want you to fuck me hard, Jack" she whispered into his ear as she bit on his
ear lobe. Jack grabbed her waist, flipped over on top of her, and
started to thrust his cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. Vivian held fast to
his shoulders as she rocked her pelvis pulling Jack's cock deeper inside with
each thrust. Jack pressed himself up with his arms, slowing his thrust as he
looked down at Vivian. Jack could see as Vivian closed her eyes and opened her
mouth that she was close to cumming again and he began to thrust harder
watching her face as she came. "Oh, fuck." she moaned, one hand gripping the
headboard and the other pulling Jack deeper. "Oohh! Oohh! Oohh! Oohh!" Vivian
gasped and then sighed, "hhmmmmm." Once she had recovered she led Jack to his
back and mounted him. As she landed her wet pussy onto his hard and wanting
cock she said, "Now it's my turn." Jack pressed her upright so he could see
her body moving atop his. He reached up and pulled at her nipples as he
continued to follow the thrusting of her pelvis. Vivian tightened her cunt as
she leaned back and took him deeper. She gasped slightly as she felt his cock
expand. Jack's breathing grew heavy and Vivian followed, pressing her pussy
faster and faster until she felt Jack exploding in side of her. Vivian glanced
at the clock; it was just after midnight. She turned back as Jack pulled her
down onto his chest, "Happy New Year baby."

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dancing through the Night

I watched her from a corner of the dark room. The music blared, it's
forceful rhythm moving her hips. Her chest and shoulders glistened with
Sweat as she danced. Her pile of long dark hair had come unpinned. She looked up and saw that I was watching her. She smiled slightly as she continued
dancing, keeping her eyes on mine. When the song ended, she walked toward me, still holding my gaze. I offered her my half empty glass.
"Mmm," she answered, taking a gulp of the bourbon. "Come. Dance with me
Jack," she demanded.Her hand grabbed mine and she led me through the room. Vivien had moves that made jaws drop. She had the most perfect body and an impeccable fashion sense.
She could really move in those little black stilettos. Turning toward me, her
hand still in mine, she resumed her dance. The music led and she followed,
moving her hips as though they were detached from her body. Her black silk
dress slipped across her smooth skin in a rhythm all it's own. Her nipples
pressed through the fabric as it clung to her chest.
She moved closer and I placed my hand on the small of her back.
As I pulled her a little bit closer, she turned her back to me and continued
moving, her body now very close to mine. We fit together like spoons. Her ass
brushing against my cock as our hips moved together. Although she wasn't
trying, she had a way about her that just exuded sex. My hands moved onto her
stomach as I pulled her in closer. I could feel her moan, as she pressed back
a little bit harder. I pressed my chest into her back, my cock now completely
hard. She leaned her head back and our cheeks brushed. I could feel her heat
moving through me. The music faded. Vivien turned to face me. I reached out
my hands and held her head bringing her lips to mine. Our tongues entangled,
Vivien stepped closer. I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest as my
hard cock throbbed. Vivien moved back, "Follow me," she instructed . . .

I followed close behind, watching her tight ass as she led me back across the
room. She pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door behind. Vivien
stood facing me, her back to the closed door and her stance wide. She moved
her hands up her thighs, pulling the skirt of her dress up as she moved. "Come
here!" She demanded. I stepped forward and ran one hand up her inner thigh and found her wet cunt exposed.
"What has gotten into you tonight, Viv?" I asked, my fingers still teasing her pussy lips. "You're driving me completely wild tonight."
"I just wanted to have a good time with you. Is that a crime?" she pouted. "You don't seem like you mind too much by the look of that" she said as she grabbed my stiff cock.
I removed my hand from between her legs and tasted her juices. Her pussy tasted sweet tonight, and her smell was intoxicating.
"I need you inside me…now!" she said as she bit at my neck, Her hands
unfastening my belt. My cock sprung out and she immediately took it in her
mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening, I didn't know what had gotten
into her. After a couple of long strokes with her tongue she put one of her
heels onto the edge of the toilet and guided my cock inside her. I slipped in
effortlessly. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her pelvis into mine, plunging my cock deep inside her. I used one hand to play with her tits and the other hand to stroke her clit as I fucked her sopping wet pussy. We heard a loud bang at the door and a moan escaped
Vivian's mouth, "Just a minute."
"You better hurry, I want your cum inside of me before we leave here!" she whispered.
There was something incredibly hot about her taking complete control tonight. I
had never seen her like this. The banging on the door had gotten louder…

I pulled her leg that was resting on the toilet around me and lifted her onto my thighs. I turned and pressed her back to the door, my cock still deep inside her. Vivien continued to moan, "I'm gonna' cum, baby. Cum with me Jack." Vivien clawed at my back with her nails, I pulled her head into my neck as we rocked our pelvises together. I felt my cum exploding inside her as she quivered. We both sighed, our breathing slowed. "Wow," I panted as I stepped back, removing my cock from her cunt. Vivien smiled as she straightened herself and I put away my cock. "Let's go." She opened the door and let in the music. She stepped out and led me through the waiting line of onlookers, her head held high.