Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Years Eve

What are you doing tonight?" Vivian asked, " I know you have to work early
tomorrow morning but it is New Years Eve and I would love to have an early toast with you if you have time." Jack responded, "I would love to, but it will depend on what time I finish work tonight. It doesn't look like I'll be able to, but I will give
you a call if anything changes." Vivian and Jack had known each other for almost a year now…
"Thanks for the champagne," Vivian smiled as she gathered the almost empty
bottle and the glasses. She glanced at the clock, their New Year's Eve
celebration was ending but it was only 10 o'clock. Vivian stood at the sink
rinsing the glasses, she felt the heat of Jack's breath on her neck, she
hadn't realized he had followed. She felt her chest expand as her nipples
tingled, she turned and smiled up at him. "Happy New Year," he said softly,
wrapping her waist in his arms. "Happy New Year," she replied, pulling him
closer. Vivian began to pull away but Jack held her to him gently, moving
one hand up behind her head and lifting her face toward his. She followed and
her lips met his, she reached up and pressed her palms to his head and
grabbed two handfuls of thick blond hair as they continued to kiss. Vivian
could feel Jack's cock growing as it pressed into her belly. She felt his
strong hands moving up her thighs, she kissed his neck and moaned for more.
His right hand slipped under her shirt and she bit his neck as he grabbed her
left breast firmly

Vivian was using one hand to loosen Jack's belt, her other hand was pulling
out the shirttails of his crisp white shirt. She desperately wanted to free the
stiffening bulge in his pants. Before she could finish, Jack lifted her
onto the kitchen counter and quickly removed her shirt.
With her perfect breasts now exposed, she leaned back slightly and wrapped her
long legs around Jack's hips, pulling him closer. "Take off your shirt," she
demanded as she struggled with one button and then another. Jack obeyed. He
grabbed her hands as they fumbled with a third button and together they ripped
open his shirt. As the buttons fell to the ground, their hands were all over
each other's raw flesh grabbing, kissing and sucking the newly exposed skin.
"I know you have to work early but I couldn't stand thinking that you would be
all alone and asleep as the clock strikes midnight." Vivian whispered into
his ear.
Jack paused for a second and said, "I can think of no better way to ring in the
New Year." He picked up the champagne bottle, took a sip, and immediately
kissed Vivian.
The bubbles tingled as they moved from his mouth to hers and she grew more
excited. He took another sip and slowly moved down to her breasts. He caressed
her breast a little with his hand but soon started kissing and nibbling with
the cool bubbly liquid still in his mouth.
Vivian moaned and spread her legs a little bit further apart as he continued
sucking on her tits. She could feel his hard cock pressing up against her
her leg.
"Bite them a little harder" she instructed as Jack sucked and nibbled his way
around her tits. "Mmmm, that feels so good."
Vivian moaned in pleasure and her hands went back to work on the belt. She now
knew exactly what she wanted and needed. In no time, she had his cock in her
"AAhhhh, someone is really excited. It is so big and warm, I can't wait," she
cried as she stroked his cock, "I really need you right now." Jack's hand
slowly moved up her thigh and under her skirt as he continued to suck her
nipples. He ran his hands along her tights and grabbed the waistband. Vivian
closed her legs around Jack's hips again and used her hands to lift herself off
the counter just long enough for Jack to pull down her tights.
"Oh my god, you are so wet" Jack whispered as he ran his hands up her inner
thighs and met her wet lips in the middle.
"I need your hard cock inside of me," Vivian begged. Jack looked up; they gazed
deeply into each other's eyes. Jack pulled Vivian to the counter's edge and helped her slide down his hard throbbing cock as her legs remained wrapped around him, slowly he entered her hot wet pussy.
Her pussy devoured his cock and when it reappeared it was glistening with her
wetness. "Your hard cock feels so good in my wet pussy." Vivian moaned as Jack slid his cock inside a little bit faster.
"There is no hurry Jack, I want you inside me all night long. Nice and slow so I
can feel every inch of you."
All Jack could do was moan. He couldn't remember the last time when sex had
felt as good as it did in this moment. It was magical. Jack put his arms
around her waist and picked her up off of the counter. Vivian's legs wrapped
around him and she slid down his cock agaom. Jack tightened his grip as he carried her into the bedroom, his cock still inside of her.
When he reached the bed, Jack threw Vivian onto her back and lifted her skirt up
around her waist. He knelt down and starting at her ankle, he followed the
line of her inner leg with his tongue. Slowly moving up one leg, teasing her
pussy lips briefly, then moving back down the other leg, his face covered in
her wetness. Vivian bent her knees and dropped them out to her sides; she
reached down and pressed her fingers to her clit. "Come back Jack, I need
more," she moaned. Jack crawled onto the bed, pressing his left hand to her
right thigh and moving it back into her chest as he bit and licked the inner
thigh of her other leg. Jack rolled to his back pulling Vivian upright.
Vivian now knelt over Jack, she dropped down and pressed her wet cunt to his
belly and thrust her breasts into his face. He grabbed her ass firmly as he
nibbled first one breast and then the other. Vivian lifted her bottom and Jack
led her forward slowly until her cunt hovered above his face. He held her
waist firmly and pulled her down onto him so his lips met her pussy. "Oh,
Fuck!" Vivian called to him as he began to lick her clit. He moved his tongue
all around, flicking and lapping. Vivian continued to moan and rocked her
pelvis, guiding his tongue with her movements. Jack kept licking, moving away
from her clit and thrust his tongue into her wet cunt. As her fucked her with
his tongue, Vivian reached down and closed her hands in his hair, pulling him
even closer. Jack just moaned he was enjoying this more than ever now.
"You taste so good Vivian; your pussy tastes so good." But Vivian wasn't about
to give him a chance to say anything more. She pressed down onto his face a little
Her thighs and pelvis now trembled with pleasure and she continued rocking her
pelvis. Jack returned his tongue to her clit and pressed a finger deep inside
her sopping wet cunt. Her breathing now more a pant as she let out little
moans, the trembling in her pelvis and thighs spread over her whole body as
Jack continued pressing his tongue to her clit and fucking her cunt with his
finger. Vivian rocked her pelvis faster and squeezed Jack's finger with her
cunt; she threw back her head and arched her back. "Ahhhoohh, aaahhh ohhh!"
Vivian came, wetting Jack's face and hand even more with her juices. Her
breathing slowed, she pulled her skirt up over her head and threw it onto the
floor. She moved down to rest her body; she lay on Jack and kissed his wet
face. "Is your cock hard?" Vivian asked moving her hand down and closing it
around his cock. "Yeah, baby. It's so hard. It's hard for you," Jack
responded as Vivian began stroking his cock. "Mmmm you are really hard. Is it
really just for me?" She said smiling down at him. "Mmmm hmm" Jack grunted.
Vivian crawled down, took his cock and started to run her tongue over the tip.
Jack was very excited, his cock dripping with precum. Their eyes met right as
she took his whole cock in her mouth. It was like she was putting on a show
just for him, her big beautiful green eyes looking up at him.
"Oohhh," he moaned, leaning his head back. After sucking and licking Jack's
throbbing hard cock for a few moments, she sat up. "Do
you want to fuck me Jack?" she asked. "Yeah," Jack moaned. "Fuck me Jack!
Fuck me with your big, hard cock," Vivian demanded.
Jack pulled her up so they were face to face, he held her gaze as he lifted his
head to kiss those beautiful full lips. As their lips met his cock slid into
her already open pussy lips.
"I want you to fuck me hard, Jack" she whispered into his ear as she bit on his
ear lobe. Jack grabbed her waist, flipped over on top of her, and
started to thrust his cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. Vivian held fast to
his shoulders as she rocked her pelvis pulling Jack's cock deeper inside with
each thrust. Jack pressed himself up with his arms, slowing his thrust as he
looked down at Vivian. Jack could see as Vivian closed her eyes and opened her
mouth that she was close to cumming again and he began to thrust harder
watching her face as she came. "Oh, fuck." she moaned, one hand gripping the
headboard and the other pulling Jack deeper. "Oohh! Oohh! Oohh! Oohh!" Vivian
gasped and then sighed, "hhmmmmm." Once she had recovered she led Jack to his
back and mounted him. As she landed her wet pussy onto his hard and wanting
cock she said, "Now it's my turn." Jack pressed her upright so he could see
her body moving atop his. He reached up and pulled at her nipples as he
continued to follow the thrusting of her pelvis. Vivian tightened her cunt as
she leaned back and took him deeper. She gasped slightly as she felt his cock
expand. Jack's breathing grew heavy and Vivian followed, pressing her pussy
faster and faster until she felt Jack exploding in side of her. Vivian glanced
at the clock; it was just after midnight. She turned back as Jack pulled her
down onto his chest, "Happy New Year baby."


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