Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wait for Dessert

Today had been a very long day. I couldn't wait to get home. Tonight,
Vivian was going to cook for me. She is an amazing cook. She could take
anything that you put in front of her and turn it into a delicacy.
I unlocked the door to my apartment. As I opened the door, the
mouth-watering aroma filled my senses. I stepped into the kitchen and there she
was wearing nothing but an apron and high heels. Vivian turned to me and smiled. I could see her breasts pressing into the apron as she walked toward me.
"Welcome home sweetheart. Are you hungry?" she asked, kissing my neck.
"MMmmm," I moaned. "You look delicious. I am so hungry; I'm hungry
for you," I replied, wrapping her waist in my arms and pulling her close.
As our tongues danced, I moved my hands down and caressed her soft,
round ass. A moan escaped from her mouth as she pressed up against me, slowly unbuttoning the first two buttons of my shirt. I could feel the bulge in my pants growing.
"You are going to love dessert then," she said biting my ear.
Vivian loved to tease. She was full of surprises. She quickly moved my hands off of her and turned around and walked back to the stove. I followed behind her putting my arms around her waist and pulling her closer to me, pressing my cock against her ass.
"Baby, I have to finish cooking, no more until after dinner," she said as
she slipped out of my arms and bent to adjust the oven. Once more I followed. I
knelt down onto the kitchen floor and kissed the soft, white flesh of her ass.
"Jack!" Vivian exclaimed, "I'll never finish."
"Just try baby," I begged. "I promise to be slow and gentle while you finish. You know I can't resist. You can't expect me to show up seeing you like this and not try to touch, not even the slightest feel. Just a nibble?" I pleaded. Vivian turned to me; only her apron separated my face from her pussy. I was so close I could smell her sweet perfume. She reached down and led me up to my feet. With her face in my chest, she brought her hands up between our bodies and pressed me away. "Sit down Jack. Have patience," she replied as she turned her back to me. Vivian loved anticipation and she refused to let me stop her fun. I enjoyed the torture. I gave up my pursuit and sat watching her from the kitchen table. She brought over a chilled bottle of white wine and handed me the corkscrew. I opened the bottle and filled our glasses.
Her body glistened as she cooked. " I wasn't expecting you home so early tonight baby," she said facing the stove.
I kept finding my eyes traveling from her well-manicured toes in those strappy
5-inch “fuck me” heels that she was wearing all the way up to her tight round ass.
Whenever Vivian was naked in front of me I had a hard time not staring.
"How was your day?" she asked. This broke my concentration.
"Long baby… too long . . . God! You are killing me! How can you expect me to stay seated when you are over there naked teasing me like this? This is torture. "
"You will survive baby, I have never heard of someone dying due to a
little self restraint." She said with a mischievous grin on her face as she turn walking seductively towards me with a plate in her hand. She walked closer and bent down to put the plate in front of me. Her breasts were now visible as she leaned in towards me brushing them close to my face. I moved in to try to kiss them and she pulled away kissing me on the head. My hands did manage to reach around and grab the soft flesh of her ass.
"Just be patient. I promise you that it will be worth the wait.
Tonight I want to take it nice and slow," she said walking back to get her plate.
Vivian took a seat across the table. She knew exactly what I wanted and knew how to make me beg. As I took the first bite I felt her foot travel up my leg to my crotch. She was stroking my cock through my pants with her foot.
Combined with how the food tasted I have never felt so much electricity.
I picked up my glass of wine and held it towards Vivian; she joined me in a simple salute. "Cheers," we said together. Vivian smiled as she sipped her wine and keeping my gaze she started to slowly move her foot from my crotch to the floor. I replaced my glass on the table and reached under grabbing Vivian's calf. I gently pulled her leg back toward me and removed her shoe.
As I caressed her leg with one hand and led her foot back to my cock with the other hand, Vivian filled her fork and brought it to my lips. I closed my mouth around the fork and inhaled deeply as the rich flavors intensified.
"Mmmm. You are absolutely amazing, Vivian," I complemented as she filled her own mouth.
My cock grew hard as she continued to stroke my shaft with her toes.
"Baby your cock is so hard!" she said, stroking it a little bit harder.
"I want to be inside of you so badly right now," I whispered.
"Patience my love. We still have two more courses, " She said taking the last
bite off her fork and pulling her foot away from my cock. Putting her shoe back on, she rose to her feet. I reached out, trying to make her to stay but to no avail.
"Don't move baby," she instructed as she walked over to the refrigerator bending over and I could see her pussy lips slightly parting, her lips glistening begging for my tongue. The suspense was killing me; I was burning to hold her and feel her. She put the plates into the sink and turned to look at me. Holding my gaze, she walked slowly to me and stopped just in front of me then moved even closer to straddle my lap. Vivian slowly lifted the apron over her head and let it fall around her hips. Waves of excitement rushed through me as she pushed her breasts into my face, the apron hanging loosely on her hips. She hadn't let me touch her much tonight so I was curious to see how far she would let me go now. With my hand on one breast, I brought my lips to her other one slowly taking it into my mouth. Gently, I started to suck. Moans escaped her mouth and I brought one knee up to meet her pussy. I could feel her warmth on my leg as she started pressing down a little harder. I now realized that she was struggling to resist me just as I was struggling to resist her. Suddenly she got up and moved away. I tried my best to pull her back down to me but she moved too quickly. She was going to continue her tease. "Follow me," she demanded holding one hand out toward me. I reached up and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room. She sat me down on the couch and stood over me with her left hand pressed to my chest so I was kept at arm's distance. Her right hand disappeared behind her apron as she lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the arm of the couch. My hand immediately went to touch her beautiful legs. When she brought her hand out from behind the apron, she pressed her fingers to my mouth.
Her fingers were wet and I could taste her sweetness in my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening to me; I could hardly contain myself.
Vivian was in complete control and I loved it. She brought her fingers out of my mouth and held them at my lips as if to tell me "Shhhh” and said, "I'll be right back." She walked back into the kitchen.
I savored her taste in my mouth and I could smell her in the air. She arrived with another bottle of wine, this time a red, and placed the bottle in my hands along with the opener. She left again as I opened the wine and filled two fresh glasses.
When she came out next, she had a couple of plates. She sat down on the couch next to me and took a sip of her wine. She picked up a piece of sushi and fed it to me. After feeding a few pieces to each other, I reached behind her and untied the apron that still hung on her hips. She took the apron from me and began to fold it. "Close your eyes," Vivian instructed as she smiled up at me. I did as she said. I felt her tying a silky scarf around my head so it covered my eyes. "No peaking. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue," she directed. I obeyed. I felt the soft skin of her breast come up to my mouth and she brushed her nipple across my tongue. I tried to close my mouth around her nipple but she kept moving and my tongue soon discovered that she held a piece of sushi between her tits. It was incredibly erotic eating this raw food off of her luscious body. I had never done this before. My cock sprang to attention again and she took notice. She placed her hand on my pants and started working with the button. Easing down my zipper, my stiff cock sprang forth and she wasted no time at all. She stroked the entire shaft and I let out a moan from sheer relief. She continued directing my tongue over her body letting me eat this food off of all of her beautiful curves. Vivian's moans let me know how much she enjoyed feeding me this way, making me work for my food. Not being able to see added to the mystery. I too fed her but she would not allow me to place anything on my body. She would only eat from my hands. This went on for a while and she continued fondling, stroking, and even sucking my cock between bites. I was about to explode. Right before I was about to come, she stopped, stood up and reached her hand out one more time and led me to my feet. She pulled me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed.
"Are you ready for dessert?" She asked as she removed my blindfold and smiled down at me.
"Yes I am!" I said taking my cock in my hand and giving a few strokes.
"You aren't allowed to touch yourself baby," she said. "I am the only one that can touch you tonight. And you are going to have to wait until after dessert."
This was almost too much, but I agreed to play by her rules. She got up, walked over to the stereo, turned on some music and walked back into the kitchen.
The sound of music filled the room and the minutes seemed like hours.
"She came back into the bedroom with a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of warm chocolate. "We are going to play a little game," she said. "I am going to dip a strawberry into this chocolate and then rub the chocolate across me.
Your job is to trace every chocolate mark with your tongue." She climbed into the bed and placed the bowls next to her. All I could do was moan. She started by licking the strawberry and then plunging it into the melted chocolate. She ran the chocolate in delicate lines from her lips down her neck. My lips and tongue were not far behind. She then brought it down to her nipples and stopped and placed the strawberry on her left tit. I savored the moment, I had been waiting to give her body such full attention. I devoured the strawberry as she grabbed for the next one. She traced along across her chest until she reached her right nipple and stopped again. Again I followed and devoured the strawberry only this time I took a little more time, enjoying the chocolate and the way that her nipple became erect in my mouth. I love sucking on her tits and I had been waiting all day to do this in a more complete way than she was allowing. She continued on, reminding me that we had a game to finish. She pushed my head away and picked up the next strawberry and traced from her right nipple down to her navel and stopped. I kissed and licked her belly for only a second when she presented me with the next strawberry. She held it just in front of my lips, then slowly brought it from her navel down past her pussy hair and placed the strawberry right between her wet pussy lips. I looked up at her and she smiled.
My tongue followed the faint trail of chocolate down from her navel and across her lower belly, I kissed and licked my way toward her clit. "How do you like your dessert baby?" she asked as she ran her fingers through my hair pulling me into her wanton mound. My lips met her clit and I lapped, flicking my tongue up and down then back and forth. I could hear Vivian's moans growing louder. I slowly continued to lick then I closed my lips around the strawberry. I finished my dessert but wanted more so I thrust my tongue into her wet cunt. Vivian let me continue and encouraged me by pulling my face deeper into her pussy. "Enjoy your dessert baby!" Vivian moaned, rocking her pelvis as I continued fucking her with my tongue. She tasted incredibly sweet, her smell was incredible tonight and I loved it. I felt her pelvis rocking faster and I knew she would come soon. "Oohhh. Mmmmm. Fuck, baby. Fuck." she moaned as she came. I sucked up her sweet juice before moving up to lay next to her. "You make a great dessert Vivian," I said as I kissed her full, pink lips. "Mmmm," she responded.
"I'm glad you liked it. I told you it would be worth the wait. Now can I have mine?" she said as she moved down and kissed the tip of my cock.
Vivian continued to lick and kiss encouraging my shaft to grow longer and longer. She began to suck on the tip. I lay back my head and moaned with enjoyment. I could still taste her sweetness on my tongue as I felt her pull my whole cock into her mouth. "Your cock tastes good, baby," Vivian said lifting her head and looking up at me. I love watching her and holding her head while she sucked me
"My cock needs to be deep inside of you baby," I whispered pulling Vivian up and over me. She lowered her sticky body down onto mine and my cock slowly entered her hot, wet pussy as her lips met mine. It felt so good to finally have what I had been craving all night.
Vivian was insatiable. Her pussy felt so good devouring my cock. She was so wet, I could feel her wetness dripping between my legs. I could tell that she was excited to have me inside of her. She just looked down at me and smiled.
“Baby, your cock feels so good. It is so deep inside of me right now.”
I knew that it wouldn’t take long tonight. She had had me at the edge since I had walked in the door.
“You have to let me know when you are coming, baby.” She said as she moved her hips back and forth on my cock. “I want to come with you tonight. I want my dessert inside me tonight.”
Hearing this sent me over the edge and I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. She continued to fuck me. She wasn’t going to stop until I exploded. She was milking my cock with her pussy. She felt so good. I couldn’t resist her any longer.
“Oh baby, I think I am going to come.” I shouted
“Baby come for me, I want to see your come.” She said as she unmounted me and quickly brought her lips down onto my cock and started sucking me.
My cock erupted in her mouth. She kept sucking, wanting to get every last drop of my come in her mouth. After I was finished, she looked up to me with her beautiful green eyes and smiled.
“Mmmmmm!” she said “You make a pretty good dessert your self sweetheart.” As our lips met again.
“I told you it would be worth the wait”


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