Sunday, May 14, 2006

Out Of Town

It had been a long day of work and I was out of town once again. It had seemed that I had been away forever. I arrived at the hotel, got to my room and immediately went to the refrigerator to make myself a cocktail. I had been out of town a lot recently and hadn't had much time with Vivian. I saw her last night for the first time in two weeks but had to go back out on the road this morning. After pouring myself a drink, I went back and opened up my bag to get ready for bed. Right on top of all my clothes was the sexy pair of black panties Vivian had worn the night before.
Vivian always had a mischievous side to her and this wasn't the first time that she had done something like this for me. I picked them up and brought them to my nose hoping that I would be able to smell her sweetness; they were still wet from the night before. The smell from her panties brought me back.
Vivian had come over last night; we shared a few glasses of wine and a simple dinner that I had made. It wasn’t long until our clothes came off. We made love for hours. I missed her…a lot. We hadn't seen each other much lately with our busy schedules. My cock was so hard just from the smell of her. As I pressed her panties to my face again and inhaled her sweet smell there was a knock on the door.
"Room Service," the voice on the other side said.
Startled, I quickly set down the panties and went to the door. I hadn't
ordered anything so I was a bit confused. I opened up the door slightly and peeked out.
"I didn't order anything," I said.
"We received an order for this room to be delivered upon your arrival. The order came in from someone named Vivian," the bellboy said as he wheeled the cart into my room and left as abruptly as he had entered. There was a note attached to the platter:
"Thanks again so much for dinner last night; it was great. I wish that I could cook for you tonight but, as you know, you are far away. Enjoy.
Love Viv
PS You were amazing last night. Check your bag--I left you a little
something to remember me by… I wish I could be with you, I didn’t get enough last night!." I smiled, remembering her wet panties.
I took the cover off the platter and found a big tuna steak on a bed of greens. Fresh strawberries accompanied by a chocolate fondue served as my dessert. It isn't often that you find someone as great as Vivian. She was amazing.
After eating dinner and a few of the strawberries, I showered quickly and slipped the white terry robe that hung in the bathroom over my wet body. I sat on my bed and picked up her panties again. My cock grew hard in an instant. As I began
stroking my hard cock with the silky panties, my phone rang.
"Hello," I answered.
"Hey sweetheart, did you get my present?" Vivian asked.
"Hmmm," I smiled. "Which one?"
"Mmmm, both of them." She sighed
"Yes, I got both of them. Baby I am so lucky to have a girl like you. I just wish that you could be here. They brought up so much food tonight and I hate to waste it." A moan escaped my lungs," Ahhh, baby! I have been really hard ever since I opened my bag and your smell filled the air. You were incredible last night. When did you slip these in my bag?"
"What are you doing? Did I catch you at a bad time?" Vivian teased.
"No! You caught me at the perfect time. I am just sitting here rubbing my cock with your silky panties; my cock is so hard right now. Your panties smell so good," I said raising the panties to my face again and inhaling. "I just wish that it could be your pussy pushed over my nose and mouth instead of these panties."
"So you like your little present, baby?" She asked.
"Yes, it's amazing. I wish that you were here right now to see me stroking my hard cock with your panties."
At this time there was another knock on the door. I jumped, startled. "Vivian, someone's at the door. Did you order anything more for me?" I asked. "Maybe," she replied mysteriously, "Have you opened the door?" "No, not yet," I replied. " I have to put away my cock first baby," I smiled as I tucked myself away and walked toward the door.
I opened the door full of curiosity and excitement, not knowing what I'd find but knowing Vivian had something to do with it. I looked out
and found no one, I looked right and left down the hall and no
one was in site. On the doorstep was a chilled bottle of Cava. As I knelt down and picked up the bottle, someone stepped into the hall. I looked and saw her long legs coming toward me. My breathing and my desire deepened. I continued to kneel as I watched her walk toward me, the click of her high heels the only sound above my breathing. Vivian
stopped and stood over me, I ran my hands up her legs and smiled up at her. "Hello, darling," she greeted. Her jacket fell just above her
knees and was cinched tightly around her small waist. I wanted to rip
open her jacket right then when she asked,
"Are you going to invite me in?" I stood up with the Cava in one hand and pulled her into the room after me with the other. As she closed the door, I pulled her close and wrapped her in my arms. She pressed her body close to mine as our lips met and we kissed. Our tongues and lips danced together; my cock rose to meet her. "Mmmmm," she sighed holding my head in her hands and moving her tongue and lips down my neck. "Would you like a drink my lover?" I asked as she nibbled my ear.
"Yes," she replied, releasing my head and stepping back. I went to the bar and retrieved two glasses as Vivian uncorked the bottle. "Jack, I hope I'm not intruding. My job tomorrow was canceled so I decided to surprise you," Vivian said tentatively as she filled the glasses.
"You could never be an intrusion my love," I assured her. "I can't tell you how much I wanted to be with you tonight."
"Cin cin!" Vivian toasted as we raised our glasses.
We savored the taste of our Cava as we savored the sight of each other. Vivian sat across from me on the bed, her long and beautiful legs stretched out before me as we drank. I slipped off one of her heels and threw it to the floor. She brought her pointed foot to my face, her silky stockings felt cool and soft on my face. I cradled her foot in my hand and began to kiss her. I started with her toes and moved my lips along the sole of her foot, she began to wriggle a bit as I increased the pressure of my lips. I could here her breathing as it grew heavier. I lay her kissed foot in my lap and removed her other shoe. As I brought her second foot to my mouth, Vivian leaned her body back and began stroking my hard cock with her other foot. I crawled off the bed and knelt on the floor pulling Vivian toward me a bit so that her feet rested on my shoulders. As I nibbled and licked her ankles and feet a bit more, she unfastened her jacket. First she released the belt then, as she held my gaze, she began to unbutton starting at her neck and moving down. She let her knees fall one to each side, her thighs now two paths leading to her secret garden. I gazed with delight wanting to dive but she pressed me back with her feet still on my shoulders. As she opened her coat, she revealed her black lace corset.
"Ahhh," moaned, enjoying my view.
Vivian's corset held up her silky stockings and spilled her breasts over the top. Vivian wore no panties tonight and though she continued to press me away with her feet, I crawled between her legs and began licking the soft flesh of her inner thighs.
"Ahhh, MMmmm," Vivian moaned lightly as she shimmied the rest of the way out of her jacket. She lifted her hips slightly wanting me to lick her cunt but I resisted and continued to lick, kiss, and nibble all around only breathing heavily on her cunt. "Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh," she breathed, rotating her hips. "Baby," she pleaded grabbing two handfuls of my hair in her hands and pressing my face down. I greeted
her pussy lips with my tongue and gave her what she wanted.
Her Cunt was dripping wet and she wrapped her stocking clad legs around my head and pulled my face deeper into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned loudly as I lapped up her abundantly sweet juices. She had just recently shaved and her lips were smooth and soft; she tasted exquisite. She reached her hands down and stroked my hair suddenly grasping and pulling me closer and closer to her, using her feet to help pull me in. My face was covered with her juices.
"Oh my god baby! You lick me so well. Your tongue feels so great licking my wet folds." My only response was to keep licking her so she squirmed with excitement.
"Baby, I need that hot hard cock inside of me now," she said as she released her grasp on my head.
I climbed up her body licking and kissing as I went. I stopped at her breasts and slowly took one breast into my mouth. This didn't last long as she pulled me up to her lips and kissed me. She reached between us and spread open my robe, slipping it off my shoulders. I lifted my body slightly and threw the robe aside before kissing her again.
"I cannot believe how wet your face is baby…ohhhh!" she exclaimed as my cock slowly entered her. Her stockinged legs felt great as they wrapped around my legs and my cock filled her completely. Slowly we began rhythmically thrusting our bodies. I filled her sopping wet pussy with every inch of my hard and throbbing cock; it wasn't long until she was screaming with pleasure.
"Oh god Jack, fill me up with that long hard cock of yours. You are so deep
inside me. I want you to fill me up with you cum." She screamed.
"You really know how to turn me on Viv. You look so fucking hot!" I whispered in her ear before gently grabbing her lobe with my teeth and pulling her closer to me.
Moving my hands down her back, I grabbed her ass and she let out a moan as she spread her legs further apart. I could feel my cock diving even
deeper into her wetness.
"Oh my god baby I am so wet right now. Your cock feels so good and so deep."
At this moment, I slowly pulled my cock out and pressed the tip to her clit, gently thrusting.
"Where are you going baby?" Vivian sighed as I moved my head down between
her legs. I love tasting Vivian after my cock has been inside her pussy. She tastes different and I just can't get enough. Soon she grabbed my hands and rolled over on top of me pinning me down and pushing her pussy onto my face.
As I continued licking her I felt her moving around a little bit more that usual. When she finally lifted her pussy off my mouth she grabbed my hands a moved them above my head. She took my wrists and tied them to the bedpost with her stockings
"Vivian!" I exclaimed slightly surprised by what was happening. I had never seen her like this. She was taking control of me; I was so excited by this newfound side of her that I wanted to fill her with my cum immediately.
"Sit on my cock baby, I need to be inside you, my cock is ready to burst!" I pleaded.
Vivian looked down at me, her pussy hovering above my face but just out of my tongue's reach. She smirked slightly and shook her head no,
"Not yet baby. You will have to wait."
She tightened the stockings around my wrists making sure I was held firmly before she moved down a bit so that she straddled my chest. She began gently stroking her clit; she rocked her hips all around with her fingers pressed to her clit and pussy lips, pleasuring herself as I craned my neck to watch. I desperately wanted to lick her cunt and fill her full of my cock at the same time, "Baby, you are fucking hot! I want to fill you full of my cum," I told her as she continued gyrating over me. My words encouraged her and she looked down at me as she pressed a finger deep into her wet pussy and pressed down onto my chest. I could feel her wetness on my chest and I lift up into her. "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh," Vivian breathed as she held my gaze. I could see that she was going to come soon.
"Come for me baby. Let me feel you come. I want to lap your sweet juice," I encouraged her. She continued moaning and then she finished,
"Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh! Mmmm, Ahmmmm." She lifted her body and turned around, she was now kneeling next to me, her ass near my face. She bent forward and took my cock into her mouth and pressed one hand between my thighs. As she licked, sucked, and kissed my cock from the tip to the shaft, I pleaded again with her,
"Let me lick you Vivian. I can smell your sweet perfume and I want a taste." Vivian continued to mouth my cock as she moved her pussy over my face. My wrists were still held fast with her stockings so I could not pull her down closer and she was taking her time. When she finally lowered herself close enough, I licked and sucked her sweet juice. Vivian brought me to the edge once more and just as I felt that I could release she lifted her ass and released my cock. I could only moan. She turned quickly and lowered her whole body onto mine. Our lips met as she let my cock into her open and ready pussy.
"Jack, come with me. Come with me baby," she moaned.
I could feel her hot cunt pulsing as she pulled me deeper and we thrust our pelvises in synch.
"I'm close baby," I moaned. "Keep fucking me Vivian. Oh! I love how you ride my cock."
"I'm coming Jack! I'm coming!" she screamed as I exploded inside her.
We lay together, only able to breath for several minutes. My
attentive soldier slipped slowly out of Vivian, at ease once again.
Vivian reached down and put her hand between her legs, feeling our
sex. "Mmmm," she sighed bringing her hand to her mouth and tasting.
"Are you going to untie me love?" I asked as she rested her head on my
chest. "Mmmm," she responded reaching down between her legs for more.
This time she brought her hand to my face. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I opened my mouth welcoming her. She tasted and smelled quite different with my cum inside her. I had never tasted my cum before let alone our sex.
"You like that baby?" she asked. All I could do was moan "You want more?" she asked lifting her body again. Before I could answer Vivian moved to straddle my head. She slowly lowered her dripping pussy down onto my face once again. I turned my
head and bit at her inner thigh not sure if I was ready to dive into her well-sexed pussy. She continued to press down and I turned my head
to the other side and bit at her other thigh. Her moaning grew again
and filled me with desire. Before I realized what I was doing, my
tongue lapped over her pussy lips and her clit. Her moans continued
and I lapped and sucked at her pussy wanting to taste us together now
more than ever. It wasn’t long until my cock sprang to attention again . . .


Anonymous Finn McCool said...

Wow...too good to be true! That's all I can say, I'm speechless beyond that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not the story was terrific and the concept even better. What's not good is that I'm at work and just came in my pants. Thank goodness I have underwear on today anyway.
your stories are very hot.

12:26 PM  
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