Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Morning licks

Jack pulled me out of sleep this morning. He lightly nibbled my ear and
pressed his warm and resting body into mine. I could feel his chest on my back
as he wrapped his arms around me and I drifted back into sleep. "Good morning
baby, it is time for you to get up" Jack whispered into my ear as he gently
caressed my legs and ass under the heavy covers. "Hmmm," I managed, still
mostly asleep. Jack continued to caress my body with his fingertips. As my
consciousness returned, I began to moan slightly, encouraging his efforts. I
could feel his cock pressing into the flesh of my ass and I began to rock my
hips. Jack led his cock between my thighs and we continued to rock together.
"Good morning love," I said leaning my head back so that our cheeks touched.
"You have to get up, Vivien," Jack instructed. "No," I protested, "I want to
sleep." Jack, now kneeling beside my head, lifted the covers off of my warm
body and pulled me onto my back. He bent and took one of my breasts into his
mouth while he held my head. As he sucked and nibbled at my breasts, he moved
his hands over my body gently caressing and awakening each place that he
touched. Jack gradually kissed and licked his way down my body and began
licking my clit. I closed my eyes and rocked my pelvis as he lapped and sucked
my wet pussy. I felt my whole body opening and waking as he continued, it pulsed with the rhythm of my cunt. I wrapped one arm around Jack's
hips and grabbed his ass and kept the other hand pressed to my thigh. Jack's
body tensed with pleasure as he continued to lap my sweet juice. I don't know
where his energy comes from in the morning. We were up really late making love
the night before; he always seems to have no problems waking in the morning.
"Baby, you really need to get up, you are going to be late for work." He said as
I pressed my wet mound back to his face.
"Just a few more minutes love . . . you feel too good to leave." I said rocking my
hips in rhythm to his tongue. After a few more minutes I pulled his head up
and kissed his lips. His face was wet with my juices; he tasted exquisite. I
sat up and got out of bed. Gently, I took hold of his hard cock and pulled him
into the bathroom. I released his cock and turned away from him. I bent to turn on the shower and Jack pressed his hard, warm cock between my legs. "I should make your breakfast baby," Jack said as he pulled away. I turned toward him and exclaimed, "Now don't tease me baby! You can't leave me now." Jack felt my desire and lifted me up into his arms and then lowered me gently onto his throbbing cock. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and gripped him tightly with my cunt as he pressed me up and down with the thrusting of his pelvis. "Ohah! Ohah! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh fuck!" I breathed as I began to come. Jack continued to thrust until my body collapsed in his arms. I lay my head on his shoulder and exhaled, "Ahhhhh. Good morning lover." "Good morning," he replied as he lifted me off his cock and lowered me to the floor. "Your shower's ready," he said pulling back the curtain. Jack followed me into the steaming water. I lifted my face toward the falling water and welcomed the heat. I reached for the soap and turned toward Jack. I let him wash me first then I lathered my hands well and pressed them onto Jack's chest. I worked the suds over his body moving slowly down. I knelt on my knees and washed his feet, the hot water flowing over my head and face. I lifted my face as I moved my hands up his legs and kissed his still hard cock. I took him completely into my mouth and then slid back off keeping only the tip in my mouth, kissing and sucking as he moaned. I moved my soapy hands to the base of his cock and pressed down toward his sack. As I lifted my face away, I began stroking his cock with my hands. "I want you're cum on my chest," I demanded. "Ahh! Keep going baby and you can have it," Jack moaned. I continued to stoke his hard long cock with my soapy hands and Jack thrust his pelvis harder and harder. "Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Ohh baby! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!" Jack moaned as he came, spilling onto my breasts. "Baby," Jack smiled down as he finished. He reached down and pulled me onto my feet and my lips met his. I pressed one hand to my chest spreading his come over my body and onto his. Jack reached around and turned off the water and I pulled the shower curtain back. Jack handed me a towel, "Let's get going or we'll be late."