Friday, April 20, 2007

Your Corset

I got out of my car and walked into the house, I noticed your car parked in the driveway. I started down the hall calling your name but there was no answer. I walked through the living room towards the bedroom.
“I want you to get on your knees” I heard a voice behind me say. I could tell it was you. I turned around and saw nothing but did as I was told.
Once I was on my knees I heard the clicking of your heels. You walked out from bathroom. The black leather knee high boots, the black stockings attached to the garters of your tight black leather corset. You looked amazing when you walked out into the dining room up to me and just pulled my head into your glistening cunt. You tasted exquisite. I could smell and taste my cum from this morning in your pussy. You pulled my head in deeper and commanded me to lick as you raised your boot onto the dining room chair to give me better access.
“I want you to clean the mess you made inside me this morning,” you demanded.
I furiously lapped at your dripping pussy. Cleaning my come from your folds. I couldn’t believe how much was still inside you. I hadn’t seen you in two weeks and deposited a huge load inside of you this morning. The taste was different having been inside you all day mixed with your daily routine. You had told me that I wasn’t allowed to even touch my cock while I was gone and I happily obliged and now I understood why. The musk of your pussy mixed with my cum gave me such a rush.
You took control of my head grabbing me by the hair pulling me in and out of wet slit, forcing my wanting tongue in and out of you. I was in ecstasy and you just let out a moan as I diligently licked your wet mound.
You said very few words and by the way you were dressed you didn’t need to say much. I knew who was in control tonight and I loved every minute of it. Your actions said everything, and my cock soon took notice.
I lapped at your pussy a little bit longer when you grabbed my head again giving a slight tug.
“Get up!” you said, pulling me to my feet. I didn’t hesitate at all.
Your hands quickly found my belt. You big beautiful green eyes staring directly into mine you quickly unfastened my belt buckle and it wasn’t long until my pants fell to the ground. You freed my cock from the cotton boxer briefs I was wearing. You pulled them down just enough for my cock to spring forth.
Your hands felt amazing as you slowly stroked my cock. You pulled my cock closer and I followed as you kissed my lips deeply, my face still soaked with your wetness. You then, without taking your hands from my cock, turned around and pushed your ass closer to my cock guiding it into your wet cunt with your hands. The heels that you were wearing lifted you to the perfect height as you slid my cock inside you, pushing back ever so gently. My cock slid in with no resistance your pussy devoured my cock enveloping in warmth. You let out a moan
We slowly started fucking, but our rhythm grew faster as our bodies got closer. The smell of the leather sent a wave through my body. My senses were overwhelmed. Feelings I had never felt before suddenly crashing through my head. You looked so sexy on top of this new persona you had put on. Never had I seen you in this light before and I loved it.
I put my hands to your neck and pulled your head closer to me. I breathed in your ear as my teeth teased your lobe. I bit a little bit the lobe a little harder. Your hand reached around and you slapped my ass. The sting from the slap sent electricity through my body, and I again knew that you were in charge tonight. I continued fucking you as you bent over the dining room table enabling me to delve even deeper into your pussy. I fucked you furiously. Your moans growing louder and louder I could tell that you were getting close to coming as well. Your cunt was dripping as my cock slid easily in and out of you.
I pulled my cock out of you.
“Don’t Stop!” you commanded.
I lifted you up onto the dinner table and got on top of you. With my cock quickly finding the warmth inside of you as I pushed in, You slapped my ass again and commanded me to fuck you. The electricity almost sent me over the edge. You grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper.
“I am going to cum and I want you to fill me up with your cum.” You said. I knew it was only moments away.
Your hand reached around and pushed near the opening of my ass as I pumped my cock inside you. That sent me over the edge. My cock erupted as you let out a really loud moan. I continued fucking you. Cum streaming from my cock deep inside your dripping wet cunt filling you with my warmth.
In our fucking frenzy we became disconnected and my cum sprayed your stockings and your corset. My cum glistening on the leather and silk. I had never cum this much in my life I collapsed beside you.
“You made a mess of my corset and stockings.” You said with as sneer as you touched the cum glistening on the leather, bringing a finger to your mouth.
“I think you better clean it up before it leaves a stain.” You said leading my head to the spot. I lapped it up as well as what was on the silk stockings and came up to kiss you. We shared a nice big passionate kiss, but you weren’t done yet.
You climbed on top of me, pinning me down and hovered your pussy inches from my face, pushed the fresh cum out of your glistening pussy letting it drip into my mouth and on my face. I licked you in delight.
My face was soaked with your wetness and you lowered yourself down and kissed my lips before collapsing on top of me
“Welcome back, my love” you whispered in my ears
It was good to be back home.

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